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Rock × Mateus
Rock × Mateus

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MensagemAssunto: Forum Rules   Sab Jan 01, 2011 12:47 pm

General Rules:
• Enter text messages consisting solely of one or two words and smileys (emoticons). Please remember, this is a Forum, not chat.
• Enter text written entirely with capital letters, while writing in capital letters means shouting, and we prefer to speak, not to shout.
• The official Forum language is english without any Net-speak or abbreviations, for another languages use special forum blogs.
• We do not expect perfect grammar and perfect messages from our users. But please, writing a post, make sure the people will be able to understand what information you wanted to share with them.
• A new topic must show in subject a concrete title, which describes the content shortly (for example "Suggestions for rules"). Creating a new topic for every new message is not allowed.
• We reserve the right to remove offensive posts without notice.

Avatar and Signature Rules:
All signatures should not exceed the following limits:
• For text signatures: 4 lines normal size, 8 lines small size and up to 90 chars per line. Font sizes above 2 are not allowed. (Blank lines count as lines.)
• For images in signatures: 1 image up to 500 pixels wide, 150 pixels tall (multiple images are allowed but with total size 500x150px)
• Animated images in a signature are not allowed
All avatars should not exceed the following limits:
• For images in avatar: 1 image up to 150 pixels wide, 250 pixels tall
• Animated avatars are not allowed. Sorry.
• Avatars that may be confused with official staff avatars are not allowed.
• Use of Gzworld logos in avatars is not allowed.
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Forum Rules
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